From Nags to Riches

Wetherby hosts a flat card for the first time ever today.

Tips for Wetherby will be posted to the blog,

but not proofed, as we have no data for this course.

Wetherby 2.00 Roayh Win
Wetherby 2.00 Roayh PO
Wetherby 2.35 Testing Win
Wetherby 2.35 Testing PO
Wetherby 3.05 Bond Mystery Win
Wetherby 3.05 Bond Mystery PO
Wetherby 3.35 Dr Irv Win
Wetherby 3.35 Dr Irv PO
Wetherby 4.40 Gran Canaria Queen Win
Wetherby 4.40 Gran Canaria Queen PO
Wetherby 5.45 Moccasin Win
Wetherby 5.45 Moccasin PO