From Nags to Riches

Fridays tip are ready to view.

Newmarket 1.50 Sound And Silence Win
Newmarket 1.50 Battle Of Jericho Win
Newmarket 1.50 Battle Of Jericho PO
York 2.10 Zap Win
York 2.10 Zap PO
Newmarket 3.00 True Valour Win
Newmarket 3.00 True Valour PO
Newmarket 3.00 Gordon Lord Byron PO
York 3.20 Awesome Win
York 3.20 Midsummer Knight Win
York 4.30 Bossipop Win
York 4.30 Bossipop PO
Newmarket 5.20 Chain Of Daisies Win
Newmarket 5.20 Wilamina Win
Newmarket 5.20 Wilamina PO
York 5.35 Lagenda Win
York 5.35 Lagenda PO
Kempton 5.45 Silver Penny Win
Kempton 5.45 Dalalah Win
Kempton 5.45 Dalalah PO
Kempton 6.15 Foxy Forever Win
Kempton 6.15 Majestic Hero Win
Kempton 6.15 Majestic Hero PO
Kempton 8.15 Psychotic Win
Kempton 8.15 Sidewinder Win
Kempton 8.15 Sidewinder PO
Kempton 8.45 Under Control Win
Kempton 8.45 Manangatang Win
Kempton 8.45 Manangatang PO
Kempton 9.15 Pastoral Music Win
Kempton 9.15 Pastoral Music PO
Kempton 9.15 Bridge Of Sighs PO